VAA Member to Member Brochure Racks


Vermont Attractions RackThe Vermont Attractions Association Member to Member Brochure Distribution Program is a cross marketing promotional program designed to have travelers who are visiting one VAA attraction exposed to all VAA attractions with hopes they will visits other member locations.

Vermont Attractions Association and Bill Orleans of PP&D Brochure Distribution established this program in 1996. This distribution is currently contracted to PP&D.

Each member is required to ship fifteen to twenty-five thousand brochures to PP&D Brochure Distribution at 377 Pine Street, Burlington, VT 05401.

Every member of the Association has a specially designed brochure rack on site. These racks are 27'' wide, 18" deep and 66" high and hold 66 different brochures. It is expected these racks are placed in a high traffic, well-lit location. Members with more then one location often have a rack at each site.

Every rack is set up with each member's brochure having one pocket in the rack. Front rows are filled with individual attractions. Open pockets in the back rows are filled with VAA maps.

Neighboring attractions are generally placed in the front rows, with closer sites in the top, more visible tier. Taller brochures are often placed toward the back of the rack.

Travelers pick up VAA maps very quickly. PP&D can squeeze fifty maps in your rack at 9 am in the morning; two busses can visit an attraction an hour later and take every map from the rack. At most PP&D is contracted to visit a location once a week. Attraction staff may be needed to help keep racks full. A bulk supply of maps should be in the storage section of every rack.

Please call PP&D if you are out of maps or very low on any other brochures. Be sure to tell us which brochures you are low on. Often we may be out of stock of that piece as well.

Frequency of visitation varies from weekly to monthly as per the distribution contract.

In 2005 VAA began contracting with PP&D to fill member racks year round.   Visits will be less frequent to most members in the winter.

Contact Information:
Karen Foote Vermont Attractions Association, 229-4581 / kfoote@vtchamber.com
Bill Orleans, PP&D Brochure Distribution 802-862-4366 / info@ppdbrochure.com

Brochure Quantities Needed For This Program

Discovering the amount of brochures required for this program is an ongoing challenge. Deciding factors include; the attractiveness of your brochure, popularity of your attraction, and statewide reach.

To figure initial distribution or a full swap (old ones recycled), consider there are currently 66 member racks, 12 member second locations, the VT Chamber and now 9 new rest stop/welcome center locations (although you may ship directly to Worcester Leasing for that portion), a total of 87 racks. Each rack has a pocket depth of two inches, so initial run requires 158",   times 200 brochures each (for a rack card) equals 17,400 brochures needed for the initial delivery. A typical three or four panel brochure is more like 150 per inch and require about 15,000 brochures.

Once again it is hard to calculate additional brochures required to refill the racks throughout the year.   The larger well-known attractions with colorful brochures could probably multiply their initial number by two or three. The smaller shops and specialized attractions should add another fifty percent to their initial number or maybe double that number. But it doesn't make sense that rack cards will be picked up faster then brochures, so I've tweaked and rounding off the number, conservatively low, as follows:

New Members or New Brochures

Rack Cards: Large Attractions 33,000   - 51,000 (initial distribution 18,000)
Rack Cards: Small Attractions 25,000   - 33,000   (initial distribution 18,000)
Brochures: Large Attractions 31,000   - 49,000   (initial distribution 15,000)
Brochures: Small Attractions 23,000   - 31,000   (initial distribution 15,000)

For older VAA members who are using last years brochures. We shall assume that last year we had full inventory in stock (which may not be the case) and that all the racks are filled. We also need to calculate new member racks and outdoor racks, where brochures are removed in the winter, that need to be refilled. For these members we'd request:

Older VAA Members using last years brochure.

Small Attractions:   10,000 - 15,000 (Subtracting current inventory in storage)
Large Attractions: 17,000 - 33,000 (Subtracting current inventory in storage)

These numbers are higher then we've used in the past. Over the years we've added many more attractions, and many are very fast movers. If this quantity of brochures is not available, you may want to consider asking us to deliver only to VAA Members in the regions closer to your location.

We'd prefer a complete shipping of all brochure by May 1st. Pick up of smaller quantities may be available, but it will impede the speed of your initial stocking of member sites.

Please ship to:

PP&D Brochure Distribution (loading dock on site)
377 Pine Street
Burlington, VT 05401  

If you have any questions please contact Bill Orleans, of PP&D at 802-862-4366 / info@ppdbrochure.com

Also we'd appreciate knowing if you will be using a new brochure this year and if we should leave your old brochure out in the racks, return or recycle them.